Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dawson Butte Open Space Park

Dawson Butte
Kristi and I wanted to get out on a short hike since the weather was so nice, so we decided to head down to Dawson Butte Open Space.  I sent a invite to Cole and Jenny and they were soon ready to go on short notice.
Nick and the Butte
Dawson Butte is an Open Space Park in Douglas County.  The Douglas County Webpage can be found here: DBOS. There are several ways of getting to the park; here is the way we took - drive south of Castle Rock on I25 take exit 174 which is Tomah Road.  Take the hairpin turn from the exit onto Frontage Rd, about a mile and a half north is Tomah Road that turns to the west crossing the rail road tracks.  Follow Tomah Rd for a few miles till you see the Dawson Butte Park sign on the right hand side of the road.  There is a large lot to park in.
The main trail is a 5 mile loop that can be taken in either direction.  There is minimal loss/gain of elevation only mounting to around 200ft or so, which makes this a nice hike at any time of the year.  The trail seemed to be used by more horses and mountain bikes than hikers, so keep your eyes out for oncoming traffic and road apples.
The Rewards
Most of the trail is single-track with a few sections that follow older roads.  The only downfalls of this hike were there was no summit..haha, and a lot of the hike follows alongside a road so there isn’t the feeling of getting away into the outdoors.  But, for a nice stroll this was a good hike.  If I were into trail running or mountain biking I would use this frequently, but for hiking I think there are more challenging and scenic trails towards the foothills of the Front Range.
GPS Track
We all had a great time, and were happy that the trail wasn’t crowded like some in the JeffCo area.  And I always love the rewards of a good hike with grabbing a pint at the local brewery with some good friends.  Cheers Everyone!

Date: 12/20/2014
TH Elevation:  6,820 feet
Total Gained Elevation: 225 feet
Class: 1
Distance:  4.56 miles
Time:  1:47 moving, 40 stopped
Hiking Partners: Kristi, Cole and Jenny

Picture Link:Dawson Butte Pictures

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