Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Threemile Creek

Kataka Mountain
I didn’t research this hike as much as I should have, and in doing so set myself up for failure.  I knew the weather was going to be crap, so I wanted to do something close to town.  I decided on Kataka Mountain and Spearhead Mountain.  Although we got a long hike in, Brian and I didn’t end up summiting either one of them.
Kataka and Spearhead can be accessed from Threemile Creek Trail in the Mount Evans Wilderness.  From Denver take 285 to Grant.  Grant is a very small town with a handful of structures, look for Al’s Pits BBQ on the north side of the road.  Take the one road, County 62 that heads north towards Guanella Pass.  A few miles down this road is the Threemile Creek TH.  Any operational vehicle can make it to the TH, but there is limited space and no restrooms.
We took off on the trail sometime around 7am.  The main section of the trail is about 2.5-3miles and follows along a creek.  This section is mostly covered in the trees and there are some 15 bridge crossings back and forth as you make your way up the trail.  After a good 2.5 miles the surroundings open up a bit and Kataka will be to the north and Spearhead to the south.  We decided to follow the length of the trail to the saddle in-between Kataka and Deer Creek. The upper section of the trail is much less used and heads up to the saddle of Kataka and Deer Creek, it runs an additional 3 miles.  I don’t suggest this for a climb of Kataka, since we hit 6miles around point 12075 which is probably a good mile from the summit of Kataka.  I’m sure there are more efficient ways to the summit, and I will let you know when I actually get there.
Mount Bierstadt
As I alluded to before we called it quits prior to summiting Kataka.  We settled on point 12075, which was about 6 miles and about 3,000ft into the hike.  This wasn’t a bad spot, since the views were quite impressive.  This spot gives you a unique view of Mount Bierstadt.  From here Bierstadt looks like a tough mountain to climb, not like the view from Guanella Pass.  We didn’t have too long to take in the views since we could see rain heading our way.  We decided for the direct descent down the north fork of Threemile Creek.  This way went pretty well, there was some navigating in the willows but nothing too difficult.  Brian even found a camera towards the lower section, so if you have lost one let me know.
Once back on the main trail the rain started in pretty good and kept up for most of the day.  My foot was killing me, so it was a slow painful process on the hike down.  Today I got diagnosed with Plantar Fascitis, so at least nothing is broken.  I guess I can keep hiking, which is a good thing.   After re-examining Google Earth and some other maps I think the next time I head for Kataka I will take the southwest ridge that starts where Threemile Creek starts heading to the east.  Either way we got a long hike in and a lot of time on the trail.  I’m hoping to head out to Geneva Mountain tomorrow, so with any luck you will have a real trip report to look at pretty soon.
GPS Track
Date: 7/29/2013
Starting Elevation: 8,985ft
Point 12075: 12,075ft
Total Gained Elevation: 3,190ft
Class: 1 (ascent) 2 (descent)
Distance: 11.2 miles
Time: 6:14 moving, 1:20 stopped. 
Climbing Partner: Brian

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