Monday, January 23, 2012

Plymouth Mountain

This was another starter mountain, but it still counts. Located in the same Deer Creek Canyon Park in Jefferson County, Colorado. Plymouth Mountain has a elevation of 7,270 Ft, so this is a higher summit than nearby neighbor Bill Couch Mountain by a mear 213 Ft. I partnered up with Paul for this hike. Unlike Bill Couch Mountain, there is a trail all the way to the summit of this one.

The route starts in the Deer Creek Canyon parking lot. We headed south on the Plymouth Creek Trail, which was covered in ice thanks to the shade of the canyon. And I didn't make it to REI for the spikes so we had to be mindful of our steps along this part of the trail. After 1.5 miles the trail intersects with Plymouth Mtn Trail. We decided to take this route since it was east facing towards the sun and the trail might be a bit clearer. This trail was pretty sweet, it reminded me of hiking Spencer's Butte over near Eugene, Oregon. The wooded area was nice and the trail was mostly free of ice. This took us directly to summit in a round about traverse of the mountain.

Thanks to Paul, we had some Subway sandwiches for the summit. After a nice break with a great view we headed down the mountain completing the loop of the Plymouth Mtn Trail. At the intersection of the Meadowlark Trail we decided to head that way to get a few more miles in and see some new territory. It was a nice hike on a brisk day.

Date: 11/20/2011

Starting Elevation: 6,080 Ft.

Summit Elevation: 7,270 Ft.

Distance: 6.5 Miles

Partner: Paul

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