Monday, January 23, 2012

Bill Couch Mountain

This was my first Colorado summit. I know it's not much of a climb by any nature, but it got me out into the foothills. I had recently moved to the Denver area from Idaho, so I figured baby steps were a great idea for someone as out of shape as I was.

Bill Couch Mountain (BCM) can be found in the foothills just west of Littleton, Colorado. I have found the Jefferson County Open Space Parks to be a wonderful place to start with some easy hikes as I get used to the new area. BCM is in the Deer Creek Canyon Park about a 30minute drive from my apartment.

There is a nice set of trails in the park. I started this hike on the Meadowlark Trail which is a hiker only trail. Believe it or not I have ran into mountain bikers on these trails covered with snow and ice. After a nice stroll on the trail it levels out traversing across the west side of BCM. I found what looked to be a good starting point to climb directly to the summit through the snow and rock and headed for the summit. I must say how out of shape I was for this one, because I was almost certain my heart was going to explode. But, this is what I love about hiking and climbing up mountains. This was a short climb on the ridge, maybe took a half hour which always seems much longer.

Once on the summit I had great views of the Denver area. I found a couple geocaches near the summit had a snack, then headed down the ridge back to the trail. After meeting back up with the trail I decided to continue on the loop to where the Meadowlark Trail intersects with the Plymouth Creek Trail. The Plymouth Creek Trail is in a canyon so there was a considerable amount of ice. I found out on this trip the way to go was to wear micro spikes, so I had a trip to REI planned for the way home. After another mile or so I found myself back at the parking lot completing a nice loop hike with a easy summit climb.

Date: 11/8/2011

Starting Elevation: 6,080 Ft.

Summit Elevation: 7,057 Ft.


  1. Nice work Nick! Baby steps indeed.

    My goal in the spring is to do a lot more hiking and I hope to integrate some fishing into that as well.

    Take care!

  2. Nice, you can't go wrong there. I'd like to try fly fishing, something I might explore a bit more come summer time. I'll probably do some climbs in Idaho this summer, I will let you know in case you want to tag along.

  3. Hey! This is great! Thanks. Janet

  4. Hey this is cool man. i wish I would have picked your brain more when you were here as to what I needed to get started with this type of stuff. When you are here in March we might have to go on a shopping spree and have you help me out man. Keep this up it is very very cool.

  5. Shawn, your always welcome to pick my brain...I just hope you don't the the B.S. Hahaha. When I visit we will get you going in the right direction.