Monday, January 30, 2012

Loveland Ski Day

Today was not a climb, but a good ski day and a few recon pictures of the surrounding mountains.

The first picture was taken from the top of Chair 8 looking south. The two big mountains are both 14ers. The one to the left is Torreys Peak and the mountain to the right is Grays peak. These will be fun since they can be done together, and nothing better than a 2fer.

The second picture was taken from the top of chair 6 looking towards the north. This is a rocky crag 13er called The Citadel. I have been looking at this one for a while since it is so unique. I will be able to combine this one with at least one other mountain if not more.

The third picture was taken from the top of chair 8. This will probably be one of the easier 13ers and one of the first high mountains I climb. Mt Sniktau is reached from Loveland Pass and can be combined with a bunch of other mountains along the Continental Divide.

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